Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Burlington Cover has built a solid reputation of providing personalized service, superior craftsmanship and economic solutions for its clientele, One Project at a Time.
The term “One project at a time” is no hype. You speak with the person who will be doing your project. There are no sales people. Your project does not get handed off or farmed out to some other shop. When you call Burlington Cover you are dealing with the owner, the pattern maker and the seamstress, Liz Badger, and to her “Each client is the only client and treated as such.”
Since starting Burlington Cover, Liz has become well know for her knowledge, craftsmanship, integrity, and is often consulted with by others within the industry. It’s not unusual to see her at marinas, in driveways or wherever, crawling around her client’s boats, R.V.s or what ever project she is doing at the time, be it patterning, trial fitting or installing. Even though business hours are 8:30am. to 5:00pm., her clients appreciate how she will go out of her way and do her best to accommodate, even if it’s to accompany a client and consult at retail outlets.
Specializing in Plastic Boat Window and Zipper Replacement
It’s important when replacing your plastic boat windows to have them done right and done fast! Burlington Cover has done so many of these, the process has become a choreographed procedure. Your windows are received in the morning and, in many cases, ready to be put back on your boat later that same day!
With the above being said, one of Liz’s favorite comments was while at a marina speaking with a new client looking to have seats recovered. Shortly, a few of her previous clients came over to say hello and during the conversation the new client was told...
“Liz may not be the fastest out there, with her being so damn picky, but when she finishes it’s going to look great and be done right!”
Marine and RV
Burlington Cover is not a mass production facility. We do not ask you to supply some measurements then make and ship you something that almost fits.
We know each boat, RV, etc. is not identical even between the same manufacturer and model. This is why we come to you and discuss your needs and why all our work is tailored to the measurements of your boat or RV right down to the location and fit of each snap for a fit that often exceeds the original.
Tired of your Bow Cover leaking?
Burlington Cover’s innovative ‘All-In-One’ Bow and Cockpit Cover can help eliminate the problem.
Custom fitted Cock Pit, Bow, and Mooring Covers
Cushions , Drapery, and Trim
Seat Recovering and Covers
Be it a minor repair to that old and tired boat cover, a new set of drapes for your RV, recovering a personal watercraft seat or your 60 plus foot yacht needs its interior refreshed, all our client’s projects are treated with the same personalized service and craftsmanship Burlington Cover is well known for.
Integrity and exceptional workmanship is why Burlington Cover has so many repeat clients and is consistently recommended by our clientele.
This is also why Sea Ray awarded Burlington Cover authorization to legally embroider their logo onto our client’s Sea Ray projects.
Reupholstery your examination tables, gym equipment, etc. provides a cost effective alternative to give your space a dramatic facelift. It also keeps serviceable furniture out of landfills.
Reupholstering most institutional and commercial furnishings and equipment is a great alternative to purchasing new. Not only can it save you on replacement costs, it gives you the option to choose from a huge selection of colours and materials that are generally far superior to those available in mass production items. Reupholstering also gives the option to strategically place extra foam for increased comfort and stability.
Burlington Cover Services
Hospitals and Clinics
Private Practice Offices
Sport and Fitness Facilities
Restaurants and Lounges
Religious Places of Worship
Funeral Homes
...and more.
Prototyping and Consulting
Got an idea for something new? Burlington Cover has assisted a number of corporations and individuals in developing their design with solutions and selection of a suitable material for your design’s application.
Whether your vintage M.G. needs its interior recovered or your delivery vehicle could use those seats recovered, Burlington Cover can help make it much more comfortable.
Commercial vehicles like trucks, tractors, buses, and their like work hard and let’s face it, those seats can take a real beating... especially in the construction industry (judging by our clientele). Burlington Cover can recover those beat up seats for a fraction of the cost of new seats.
For vintage and historical car enthusiasts there’s a good chance you can track down seat and panel reproduction covers. But, sometimes your search can come up empty, especially when it comes to old M.G.’s and other European cars. We can help recreate your seat and panel covers from a huge selection of materials and covers.
When looking for quality manufactured reproduction interior products we highly recommend the Legendary Auto Interiors product. We have plenty of experience installing their product for many of our clients, especially for 60‘s and 70‘s muscle car owners.
We can also add that little bit of extra foam, in strategic places, to help with lateral support if requested.
Patio furniture and covers, deck enclosures, draperies, and more. If you can imagine it, chances are Burlington Cover can create it.
With the experience and knowledge of altering dresses, tops and other apparel to correctly fit those of us who do not fit into “standard” sizes.
Furniture Cushions
Patio Furniture and BBQ Covers
Gazebo and Awning Recovering
Foam Replacement
Patch and Insignia Placement
Zipper Replacement
Repairs and Alterations
...and more.
Custom Tailored Seat Covers
So you can easily transform this...
...to this in seconds